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How to purchase a Campaign Package

To purchase a Campaign package, visit the Campaign page via the Aamica website. There you will see the available campaigns. Once you’ve selected a campaign to support, you will be taken to the main landing page for that campaign. Select a campaign category and click “NEXT STEP” to see available packages. You can select one package per category.

A package requires a Premium account holder to manage the purchase. If you do not already have a Premium Account, a new one will be included during checkout. If you already have a Premium Account, make sure you are logged in before starting the checkout process, unless you also want to purchase an additional Premium Account for your User.

You can click the “Go back” button to continue to add more than one package to your cart. If you have an “unlock” code, you can also reveal hidden packages for selection.

Steps: Web

  • If you already have an Aamica Premium Account
    • Open site in your web browser
    • https://aamica.org/login/
    • Enter your User Account e-mail address and password
    • Click “SIGN IN”
    • Click on “Campaign” in the menu header to open the campaign dashboard
      • Click the “See more” button
  • If you do not have an Aamica Premium Account
  • Click a campaign to select
    • Click the “Purchase a package” button
  • Click a campaign category
    • Click the “NEXT STEP” button
  • If you have a campaign “unlock” code
    • Click the “UNLOCK PACKAGE” button
    • Enter the “unlock code” and click “Apply”
  • Select a campaign package
    • If the package can be activated for a fundraiser
      • This option may not be available for all packages
      • Click the option to enable this package as a “fundraiser” package
    • If you want to add more packages
      • Click the “Go Back” button and repeat the steps from above
    • Click the “Checkout” button
  • If you have a “coupon” code
    • Enter the “coupon” code in the “Coupon code” field
    • Click the “Apply coupon” button
  • Enter your User Account and Account Subscription details in the fields under the “Account information” section
  • Enter your payment details in the fields under the “Campaign - Payment” section
  • Click the “PAY” button

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