How to sign up as User with an Account (iOS)

How to sign up as User with an Account (iOS)

Due to the Apple requirements for mandatory inclusion of in-app purchases, Apple device users may sign up for a User Account and purchase an Account Subscription at the same time.

If you have been given a code to Activate an Account you do not need to purchase another subscription.

Steps: App

  • Touch “Sign Up” on the Login page
  • Enter your details and password
    • Confirm you have entered your E-mail address correctly
  • Touch & Select “You accept our Terms & Conditions”
  • Touch & Select “You want to purchase an account now”
  • Touch the “Sign Up” button
  • Touch & Select an Account Subscription
  • Enter a unique Account Name for your new Account
  • (Optional) Enter a Nickname for your new Account
  • Touch the “purchase” button
    • Follow the in-app purchase steps

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