Words from our Aamica team


Rick Nash

Rick spent the first part of his working life developing services for Health Boards in the UK and Australia.

For the past 20 years he has operated in the social enterprise space. His various endeavors have included a not-for-profit fleet management
service for the community sector and natural breathing aid devices for
countries with high pollution.

As someone who has lived with depression from his teenage years, Rick is excited about the potential Aamica holds to increase our collective ability to feel connected to each other in tangible and valuable ways.


Risa Stein

Risa holds degrees in clinical psychology and organisational leadership and has spent most of her career in academia in the US.

Over the past 20 years she has devoted herself to creating an authentic life and fostering the personal development of others. She has served as an innovation and design thinking consultant and is the author of the Best Damn Life Workbook.

Risa is deeply committed to thinking outside-the-box to foster compassionate connections that reduce loneliness and despair. She sees Aamica as the first step in achieving preemptive support for all people.

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