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How to check the state of your Campaign Package

If you have previously purchased a campaign package, you can check its state by viewing the campaign dashboard. The campaign dashboard will show you all of your package purchases, associated items and remaining code usage.

You can also send invitations to others so they may claim a campaign package item by redeeming its code.

If the package has been purchased as a “fundraiser” package, you can set the asking price for any of the deliverable items. Aamica will collect any money on your behalf, please contact sales@aamica.org to arrange a meeting with an Aamica sales representative for further information.

Steps: Web

  • You will require an Aamica Premium Account and a previous purchase of a campaign package.
  • Open site in your web browser
    • https://aamica.org/login/
    • Enter your User Account e-mail address and password
    • Click “SIGN IN”
    • Click on “Campaign” in the menu header to open the campaign dashboard
  • Click on your chosen campaign package

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