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How to Connect an aamilet to an Account

To connect an aamilet to an Account, make sure you have NFC functionality enabled on your device. Go to the Account page via the main menu and then scroll down and touch “Connect”. At the top of the screen, touch “New” and then “Scan”. Tap and hold the aamilet against the back of your device. You’ll hear audio feedback when the aamilet has been scanned successfully. In the app, enter a name for your new aamilet. Touch “Done” once you’ve finished.

Steps: App

  • Touch “Account“ in the Nav Bar
  • Scroll down and touch the “Connect” section
  • Touch the “new” pad & pen icon in the header at the top of screen
  • Touch the “SCAN” button
    • Tap & Hold the aamilet to the NFC read area on your device
  • Touch the “NFC name” field and enter a name for the new aamilet
  • Touch the “DONE” button

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