What is the Aamica 'Thank You' campaign?

As a result of their tireless and selfless work ensuring our well-being, COVID-19 frontline workers are suffering emotional trauma and physical fatigue. They deserve a powerful show of support to sustain them through the ongoing crisis and their personal recovery. While you can’t give a healing hug to every essential worker, Aamica’s ‘Thank You’ program enables you to share your gratitude with a virtual hug.

Aamica’s ‘Thank You’ program affords businesses, organizations, families, and individuals the opportunity to express their gratitude to COVID-19 essential workers including:

Healthcare and support staff
Retail and supply chain
Educators and paraprofessionals
First Responders

Here's how it works

Purchase a subscription

for yourself, family, civic group or business and select a recipient hero group

Invite your connections

to download the Aamica app and share multimedia messages of support for your chosen hero group

Aamica bundles your messages

with messages from others to the same hero group and stores them on a high-tech wristband

The wristbands, embedded with gratitude

from people across the world are delivered to heroes

The hero downloads the Aamica app

, taps their phone to the wearable and receives an overwhelming show of gratitude

Through compassionate connections

like the one you've just created, our world becomes a better place for everyone

Here's what your hero will receive

Complete the nomination form and we will find sponsors for each nominated group

Would you like to participate and express your gratitude? Get started here

Been gifted an Aamica account? Enter you campaign code to activate your account